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NOTICE: We are in process of UPDATING THE RACE LORE! All Lore and Costuming requirements on this page are CANON, whether it is updated or not!  Check the News and Updates for announcements regarding race updates.
Allied Races

The races of these lands are unique and vibrant. Each harbors strong cultural roots, evident in their cultures’ practices and beliefs. From the free spirited Halflings, to stout Dwarves, each represent their kind in their own fashion. The peoples of theses lands are generally divided into two factions. The Allied races, and the Exiled races.

This division formed over centuries of war, dividing them through bloodshed and conquest. Our players will take the roles of the people of the Allied nations, pitting their wits and strength against the dreaded Drow and their exiled allegiances. Below are listed the Allied races from which you can choose to play.

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