The 2020 character sheet HAS changed from the 2019 sheet. You need to redo your character sheet for the first game you attend in 2020.


Please bring a copy of your current character sheet to each game.


Refunding points for rules changes

Character points are only refunded if changes have affect skills that you spent points on previously. If you have concerns, please contact plot via the Facebook Group.

For FULL LIST OF RULES UPDATES please see the changelog for the Rulebook.

Basic requirements for playing at LoE


You must be at least 18 years of age 

You must sign the insurance waivers at your first game

You must adhere to the basic garb standards/dress code (though we offer extensive guidance and our community often steps up to help new players reach this goal!)

You must be familiar with our Rulebook and adhere to the safety standards

You must be familiar with our Lore

Don't forget to submit your backstory!

A huge thank you to Eric Marsh for designing the 2020 Character Sheet, and to Jordan Mullaney for designing the 2020 Cheat Sheet!